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About Us

“Successful Trading is all about understanding the market structure, survival and good risk management.”
The ITA Team

Who we are

We are the leading Trader Education and Mentoring specialists with over 40 years of expertise, our mission is to develop a trading community of likeminded, successful traders across the globe, providing simple, functional & structured trading strategies for you to take advantage of, in today’s financial marketplace.

Intelligent Trading Academy provides trader mentoring programmes to suit all levels, which will equip you with the understanding of financial markets and the tools to implement simple & structured trading strategies. We have helped hundreds of new and experienced traders on their trading journey from around the world, allowing them to develop on their journey within our community, focusing on the core areas of market structure, risk management and psychology.

Our Senior Trading Team spends their day ensuring that you have the right support throughout the duration of your programme. Your interactions with us will vary between multi-media platforms and in-person sessions, including; individual coaching sessions, weekly analysis, live webinars, access to our trading community and much more giving you a rich, rewarding learning experience.

We have offices in London and Munich. This allows us to provide you with a unique environment for your personal development within the financial trading environment.

Our Team

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Our core values

Everything we do here at ITA, and the way we do it, is supported by the following values and guiding principles. These are the pillars upon which our company culture is built through our sheer passion and purpose to create a community of likeminded traders.

Commitment and Responsibility

Our team and community set high standards in order to achieve excellent results. We encourage our people and community through training and support in order to help them on their trading journey . Our mission is to create a community of successful traders.

Trust & Integrity

We build trust by honouring our commitments and we earn our reputation as one of the leading trader educators by delivering on our word. Our thoughts, actions and words are always aligned to ensure we can strive in making our vision and mission within our community clear and successful.

Passionate and Exceptional

Our passion is in the financial markets where we have worked professionally for a combined 40+years, we passionately believe our purpose is the success of our trading community by sharing our knowledge, experience, positivity, optimism and success, whilst providing a professional environment that helps our traders on their journey.


Our community is extremely supportive, and we believe that in order to achieve great success, we must work as a team, providing one another with respect, professionalism and help. We support one another and work as a team to help our community accomplish their trading goals.


Every trader in our team and our community, have persevered on their trading journey to become the consistently profitable and successful trader that they are today and, whilst we cannot guarantee how long it will take for other, we know that you will become a successful trader, if you commit yourself and persevere with the ultimate goal to immerse yourself within the community and focus on the process.

Efficiency & Consistency

Our simple and structured trading strategies, analysis, education and methodology, allows us to focus on the process whilst remaining committed, dedicated and consistent with your trading journey.

We are Experts in

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired companies, law firms, and industry organizations as well as United States and international regulatory and government agencies.

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