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“Successful Trading is all about understanding the market structure, survival and good risk management.”
The ITA Team

ITA Crypto

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader/investor, someone who wants to fully commit or just do it part time, our online course and community is designed to suit and benefit all. By the end of our program you will acquire a competitive edge over other traders, learn how to analyse the crypto markets, manage your risk, maximise your profits and ignore the noise.

The Programme

Our ITA Crypto programme is broken down into 5 core chapters, including and covering:

• Breaking down the complete Cryptocurrency markets
• How to profit from cryptocurrencies and how to safely store them?
• Learning how to invest and trade cryptocurrencies
• Fundamental and Technical analysis
• Learning how to use trading platforms and which crypto exchanges to choose?
• Developing your edge
• Risk/Money management
• Defining exact entry points, stop-losses and potential price targets.
• What is support and resistance and how to find them?
• Finding reliable news and information about cryptocurrencies.
• What kind of analysis is necessary before I invest in an altcoin?
• Managing your investments and implementing trading strategies.

In addition to all of the above, each student is entered into our regular competition to win one of the following:

An iPad
A Ledger Nano S
1-to-1 Trading Sessions with a Senior Trader

Questions About the ITA Crypto Programme?