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“Successful Trading is all about understanding the market structure, survival and good risk management.”
The ITA Team

ITA Diploma

The ITA Diploma (ITAD) is recognised worldwide and accredited by the CPD. The 8 week programme has been carefully collated to provide and accredit private individuals and experienced industry professionals with the core trading principals through the study of technical analysis, psychology & money management.

Acknowledged as an increasingly important part of most investment house activity, technical analysis helps forecast the direction of financial market prices. Its methodology can be applied in any market and its techniques applied to forex, commodities, indices, equities, fixed income & cryptocurrencies.

After week 8 students will be offered a revision session in preparation for the ITA Diploma Examination earning a CPD accreditation.

On completion of the course, students should be able to formulate consistent analysis and trading strategies.

CPD Accreditation

Delegates will receive accredited CPD (Continuing Professional Development Accreditation) points on passing together with a diploma certificate.

Diploma Programme & Structure

This is a 10 week classroom based diploma programme run twice a year in spring and autumn. The aim is to help you develop both theory and practical experience utilizing technical analysis and understanding how fundamental analysis can impact the financial markets.

Session 1

• Introduction to Technical Analysis
• Programme Details
• Expectations

Session 2

• Dow Theory
• Chart Construction

Session 3

• Trend Charting
• Technical Analysis
• Chart Patterns

Session 4

• Confirmation Indicators
• Moving Averages
• Oscillators

Session 5

• Elliot Wave
• Cyclic Principles

Session 6

• Money Management
• Trading Platforms
• Trading the News

Session 7

• Psychology
• Mindset

Session 8

• Putting it all Together
• Recap

Session 9

• Recap & Revision

Session 10

• Examination

I completed the ITA Financial Trading Diploma in August 2018 and it has proven to be a constructive commitment to my trading discipline. It is an ideal way to focus and learn the key elements of technical trading – and build my confidence with sound knowledge and structure. There are similar courses available elsewhere and online, but doing this with the Intelligent Trading Academy is unique. There is no other company in this sphere which can match the individual attention and personal coaching provided by ITA. If you want to add some value to your time investment in trading, make the commitment and take the ITA diploma.

L. M.

One day a few months ago, Adrian announced that he was going to conduct the ITA Diploma examination. I said I am in and I paid for it even before he prepared the schedule for the course.
My enrolling to this course put me on different level all together. I do not want to fail the exam. So, I started studying the course material as much as I can and as thoroughly as I can. The pressure of the examination added to my focused learning. As a result, I learnt things in a structured way in a relatively short time and gave a different dimension to my trading. I wish that I should have done this in an earlier part of my trading. Now I am hoping Adrian and Kevin will put me in a higher level of trading. I expected to pass the exam, and to my surprise the distinction was an added bonus. I recommend the ITA Diploma course to anyone who is serious about trading.

P. P.

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