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JPMorgan’s Quorum: A Cross-Sector Blockchain Solution for Privacy Needs

28 May, 2020 | 13:37

JPMorgan’s Quorum provides the infrastructure for many new financial projects thanks to unique features and a partnership with Microsoft Azure.

LG Shows Interest in Distributed Ledger Technology, Joins Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council

27 May, 2020 | 22:00

South Korea’s electronic giant exhibits interest in distributed ledger technology.

After BTC Visits $8.6K, Crypto Traders Predict Bitcoin Price’s Next Stop

27 May, 2020 | 15:41

The price of Bitcoin dropped to $8,600 and is now fluctuating just above $9,000, showing high volatility as several factors make its next step unclear.

Industry Leaders Battle over the Future of Crypto in New Documentary

26 May, 2020 | 21:01

New documentary reflects on the competing narratives shaping the crypto industry.

Ahead of Ethereum 2.0 Launch, 3 Key Metrics Point to ETH Price Surge

25 May, 2020 | 18:35

While Ethereum 2.0 is still not set in stone, three key metrics show us that users and investors are optimistic about the price of ETH.

Libra Exec Hirings Suggest Commitment to Anti-Crypto Regulations

25 May, 2020 | 16:56

Experts believe that Libra’s hiring spree signifies a willingness to comply with existing legal and financial guidelines.

Industry at a Crossroads, Crypto Enters Fourth Phase of Development

24 May, 2020 | 11:00

A recent Andreessen Horowitz report says crypto is in its growth stage, but critics say the industry is yet to create end-use value.

Making Blockchain Safe and Secure, a Balancing Act That Never Ends

24 May, 2020 | 08:00

How secure is blockchain technology? Experts weigh in on the complex differences between public and permissioned blockchains.

Ethereum 2.0 Release Date Set for the Eleventh Hour as Issues Persist

23 May, 2020 | 12:29

Bugs, management issues and competitors: What challenges is Ethereum facing before its anticipated proof-of-stake upgrade?

Crypto Exchanges Speak Out as Binance Takes CoinMarketCap’s Top Spot

22 May, 2020 | 17:36

Binance taking the top spot on recently purchased CoinMarketCap has raised concerns among executives from other top crypto exchanges.

6 Questions for Wendy O of The O Show

22 May, 2020 | 15:23

“I envision it having an old jukebox with all the classics, cheap drinks, and a homey vibe to it.”

Play-to-Earn Crypto Gamers Flip Virtual Properties for Fiat Rewards

22 May, 2020 | 15:23

A blockchain game adopts a play-to-earn model that lets users receive fiat for virtual property transactions.

Bitcoin Survived Halving, but Death Spiralists Still Say BTC Is Doomed

22 May, 2020 | 14:14

Bitcoin survived last week’s halving, but it’s only a matter of time before BTC miners flee, say “death spiralists.” Are they right?

As Bitcoin Halving Dust Settles, Network Awakens to Costly New Reality

21 May, 2020 | 17:50

Now that the Bitcoin block reward has been halved, BTC’s hash rate and transaction fees are feeling the impact.

Blockchain Interoperability: The Holy Grail for Cross-Chain Deployment

21 May, 2020 | 15:03

Even though cross-chain systems are gaining more attention, experts believe it will take some time for this technology to evolve and mature.

Journeys in Blockchain: Alex Tapscott, Co-author of Blockchain Revolution

21 May, 2020 | 15:02

“Ultimately, the future is not something to be predicted at all. It’s something to be achieved.”

Open Source or Free for All? The Ethics of Decentralized Blockchain Development

20 May, 2020 | 19:24

“Given that human beings have certain tendencies that emerge in any field or community, it would be extremely naive to assume that the blockchain community is free of bias or conflicts of interests.”

Universal Basic Income Test Runs Blockchain to Share Money Worldwide

20 May, 2020 | 16:41

Universal basic income models based on blockchain systems are being developed, but are they practical?

Gibraltar Succeeding in Crypto Regulation Where Others Fall Short

20 May, 2020 | 14:06

Gibraltar could be the next crypto hotspot, so what do companies based there think about the territory’s sector-leading regulations?

Crypto Traders Explain Where Bitcoin Price Can Go After Fifth $10K Test in 11 Days

19 May, 2020 | 18:45

The price of Bitcoin continues to reject the $10,000 resistance level, crypto traders explain where BTC is headed next.

Smoke and Mirrors as Mainstream Banks Discourage Clients From Crypto

19 May, 2020 | 13:54

A data-based approach to cryptocurrency investment shows promise, so why are investment advisors at top firms still pushing clients away?

The Invisible Man of the Visible World: How Blockchain Could Offer New Hope to Stateless Rohingya

18 May, 2020 | 19:30

“Though I exist in the world my existence [is] not recognized by the world. I am the invisible man of the visible world.” — Anis, Rohingya refugee.

E For Estonia: How Digital Natives are Creating the Blueprint for a Blockchain Nation

18 May, 2020 | 13:43

“Governments are finally starting to try to compete for citizens on the virtual level.” — Tim Draper

All in on PoS Blockchains: An Overview of Crypto-Staking Networks

17 May, 2020 | 14:00

As Ethereum prepares to shift to a PoS blockchain, interest in staking crypto is growing. Here is a list of the biggest blockchain staking platforms.