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Crypto Exit Scams — How to Avoid Falling Victim

9 September, 2019 | 08:13

Exit scams have plagued the crypto industry for quite some time, here is a closer look at how to best avoid such fraudulent schemes

Crypto, Cash and Drugs: Crypto Use Grows as Drug Trade Digitalizes

8 September, 2019 | 15:48

Learn how cryptocurrency is impacting the global drug trade in Cointelegraph's new article

Crypto Banking Regulation Around the World, First Signs of Growth

4 September, 2019 | 18:31

As crypto banking becomes ever more popular, regulations surrounding these emergent institutions remain unclear. So, how exactly are the crypto banks of the world regulated?

Walmart’s Foray Into Blockchain, How Is the Technology Used?

3 September, 2019 | 15:17

The last few years have seen the retail giant Walmart experiment with blockchain technology quite substantially — most notably within its food supply chain ecosystem

Big Four and Blockchain: Are Auditing Giants Adopting Yet?

1 September, 2019 | 18:45

The Big Four firms continue their expansion into blockchain. Learn if they are able to trigger crypto adoption in our analysis

Israel: A Friendly Blockchain Hub, but Is Government Policy Lacking?

1 September, 2019 | 18:06

Learn more about Israel’s regulatory landscape, and how it’s affecting the blockchain industry’s expansion in the country

Lightning Network Proving Less Electric for Bitcoin Than Promised

1 September, 2019 | 15:48

It’s two steps forward, one step back for Bitcoin’s scaling race, as frontrunner — the Lightning Network — experiences capacity issues

IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Now IDOs — How to Raise Funds for Crypto in 2019?

1 September, 2019 | 06:33

Are IEOs just having their golden period or are they here to stay?

How Facebook Libra Is Seeking Compliance, but May Not Launch by 2020

31 August, 2019 | 18:50

Libra is facing stiff competition on all fronts with the U.S. government setting up regulatory roadblocks and competitors launching their own versions. How is the project coping?

Can PACs Popularize Cryptocurrency Donations in US Politics?

31 August, 2019 | 12:17

As BitPAC plans to launch an ICO in support of 2020 candidate, can PACs popularize cryptocurrency donations in the U.S. politics?

Is Blockchain Payments Integration in Messenger Apps Good for Crypto?

30 August, 2019 | 18:46

While some analysts expect platforms like Libra to bolster crypto adoption, others fear the centralization of blockchain payments

Crypto World Skeptical as @Bitcoin Twitter Account Ditches BCH Support

29 August, 2019 | 07:58

@Bitcoin’s shift of support from BCH to BTC raises questions about the account’s anonymous owner

Crypto Advertisement Still Unwelcome, How Is the Industry Coping?

28 August, 2019 | 18:45

Why Google, Facebook and Twitter hold on to bans on crypto advertising, but the severity of it could be changing now

Crypto Custody Market Overview — Who Are the Biggest Players?

27 August, 2019 | 17:24

Coinbase acquires Xapo’s custody arm to cement its position as the global leader within this market space — competition is heating up

Crypto in Court — Overview of the Biggest Lawsuits Worldwide

26 August, 2019 | 20:53

The SEC continues to file lawsuits in the U.S., but banks are on the receiving end of international crypto court cases

North Korea and Crypto: Is the Regime Responsible for Major Hacks?

26 August, 2019 | 15:59

Cryptocurrencies, hackers and nukes: How could they come together in North Korea?

Mike Tyson Vs. Fight to Fame: Is the Former Champion Involved in Crypto?

25 August, 2019 | 14:24

Complicated Fight to Fame: What is the connection between Tyson, cryptocurrency, an Interpol-wanted fraudster and Hollywood?

Crypto Custody: Adoption Shortcut or Blockchain Purists’ Nightmare?

24 August, 2019 | 21:00

Could there be a centralized layer to an ecosystem of decentralized assets?

Poloniex Pledges to Reimburse Flash Crash Losses, Victims Displeased

24 August, 2019 | 15:44

Poloniex to offer 100% lending fee rebate to flash crash victims, according to a Circle spokesperson amid community discontent

Can Blockchain Become an Integral Part of Autonomous Vehicles?

24 August, 2019 | 11:13

How blockchain technology could become an integral tool in the operation of autonomous vehicles

How Facebook Libra Has Been Influencing Crypto, Politics and Finance

23 August, 2019 | 16:03

Just two months in, Libra’s influence on the industry is already evident: Learn how Facebook has been storming regulators and prompting other actors to launch rival projects

As Coordinated Sell-Offs Strike Altcoins, How Do Exchanges Respond?

22 August, 2019 | 18:23

Exchanges are once again in the spotlight for manipulation after XRP’s price crashed following a sell-off. See how exchanges are responding, and what can be done

Binance Venus Aims to Outshine Libra and Chinese National Crypto?

21 August, 2019 | 20:27

Binance’s Venus stablecoin project aims high, but experts aren’t yet convinced about its potential short-terms success

How Do Crypto Exchanges Select Coins, What Does It Take to Get Listed?

20 August, 2019 | 20:14

Here’s how exchange platforms pick new digital assets and delist others